Technology Program

Technology is a big part of our lives and our future. Due to this, our 4 year old’s participate in a technology program using iPads. As Oak Park Primary School use iPads in their curriculum from Foundation, we feel that it is important for our children to know how to use and look after an iPad, from how to turn it on and control the volume, to how to scroll through the screens and what to do when the apps start wobbling. This also assists with our school transition program.

Each child receives a 10 – 15 minute turn on the iPad during the session. As part of our play based program, they have a choice if they wish to have a turn or not and can even request a turn with friends or when they have finished their activity. We have a small selection of apps recommended by parents and other Early Childhood Teachers. Some are literacy and numeracy based, others are skills and interest based.

Other skills such as turn taking, sharing, waiting, assisting without taking over, eye hand co-ordination, processing information, working memory, problem solving, experimentation, exploration, expressive and receptive language skills and social interaction, are among the many skills developed through using the iPads.

Our iPads are also used as a research tool, to investigate and find answers to the many questions that we are asked, listening to music and stories, taking photos and filming our drama sessions.

We refer to the Statement on Young Children and Digital Technologies, developed by Early Childhood Australia (ECA) as our technology guide in our programs.