PuzzleHow do I enrol my child in kindergarten?

Enrolments for the 3 year old program are handled directly by Moreland early years management (MEYM), and the 4 year old program is part of the Moreland Central Enrolment Scheme. Find out more about how to enrol.

When should I enrol?

Enrolments for both the 3 and 4 year old groups open in March of the year prior to your child commencing kindergarten.

Enrolments for 2021 are now full and a waitlist is in place.

It is advisable to get your child’s enrolment in as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Find out more about the enrolments process.

Would you recommend 3 year old kindergarten for a child who turns 3 close to April?

Teachers are often asked this question and the answer is not straightforward.

First term always commences in late January/early February, which means that children who do not turn 3 until after kinder starts, or closer to the end of April, will have missed most of, if not all of Term 1, which can be an important settling in period.

All children are different however, and where some children would have no problems fitting into 3 year old kinder, others may struggle. You need to look at your child and the reasons why you want them to attend. A child who has an outgoing personality and separates easily from their parents would most likely be ready to attend. A quiet and shy child who still clings to their parents may not be emotionally ready and waiting another year may be recommended.

Another factor to consider is when do you want your child to start primary school? Do you want them being one of the oldest or youngest in their class? Unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer to this question.

Find out more about our 3 year old kinder program.

Why are the 3 year old sessions in the afternoon and not first thing in the morning?

Part of 4 year old kindergarten is to prepare the children for school. One of the ways to do this is by making sure they get up and out on time in the mornings. If we had our 4 year old sessions in the afternoon and the 3 year old sessions in the morning, the children would not be able to practise getting up and ready in a limited amount of time, therefore struggling with the morning routine when they are at school the following year.

What does my child need to bring to their sessions?

Your child should bring a bag that contains their lunch and/or snack, a water bottle, a full change of clothes, and a hat. Hats are compulsory for Terms 1 and 4, in compliance with our SUNSMART policy. In the colder months, your child will require a jacket for outside playtime. Please ensure all clothing and hats are clearly marked with your child’s name.

What food do I need to provide for my child?

All children are required to bring a snack and a drink for morning or afternoon tea, and the 4 year old children are also required to bring a packed lunch for their longer sessions.

For morning and afternoon teas we have a progressive snack routine, meaning children can choose when to have their snack during a particular period of time during the session. We have a permanent snack table that children can sit at to eat their snack. This caters to the children’s’ individual needs as well as encouraging their self help skills. For lunch, the children sit down together as a group, usually around midday.

What are the kindergarten’s food policies?

Our kinder promotes healthy eating, regular meals/snacks, and encourages children to drink plenty of water. Parents are required to provide all food for their child to consume at kindergarten.

We are a nut-free kinder. We ask that nuts and all foods containing nuts or traces of nuts are not sent to kinder for snacks and lunches due to the high risk these foods can pose for children susceptible to allergic reactions.

We also ask that all ‘fun food’ is kept at home for the time appropriate for your family, which includes muesli bars, chips, twisties, lollies, chocolates, rollups, fruit leather, etc. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact the kindergarten.

Are uniforms compulsory?

No. Our kinder has logo-printed t-shirts, long sleeve tops and jumpers for purchase, but it is optional whether your child wears them. However, the uniform is quite handy if you do not want your child’s regular clothes paint, glue or grass stained! There are also bucket and Legionnaire’s hats available.

Uniforms can be purchased directly from the kinder in a variety of ways: at the AGM/Information Session held in the November before your child starts at the kinder, at Orientations sessions at the beginning of the kinder year, through the teachers at the end of a session, or from a parent Advisory Group (PAG) Committee members via an order form once your child is attending the kinder.

The uniform proceeds are used by the PAG  Committee to fund purchases to benefit your child’s kinder experience.

How is the kindergarten managed?

Oak Park kindergarten is proudly managed in partnership between Oak Park Kindergarten Incorporated (Parent Advisory Group – PAG) and Moreland Early Years Management (MEYM)  Find out more about the  Parent Advisory Group or become a Group member – any parent of a child attending the kindergarten is welcome (and encouraged) to join this group.

The kinder is a not for profit body, and even though we receive government funding and revenue from fees, these cover operational expenses only, and the monies raised from fundraising events throughout the year are required to upgrade facilities and purchase new equipment.

How can parents get involved?

There are many ways parents can be involved. The Parent Advisory Group (PAG) is a fun and rewarding way to be part of the kindergarten. Regular fundraising events organised by the Committee often require extra help or support from kinder families.

Annual working bees are held, social events for families are organised, and our end of year Christmas party/disco is a fun and social way to finish the year.

We also encourage parents, guardians or grandparents to share their child’s kinder experience by staying for some or all of a session each term as part of our kinder participation roster, and participate in the classroom activities whilst there. This could be a simple as reading books, playing instruments, discussing their culture through stories and displays, cooking experiences, or arts and crafts – just to name a few!

More questions?

If you have any more questions about the kinder programs, or our kinder specifically, please contact us.