Parent Advisory Group

Parent Advisory Group (PAG)


Each Kindergarten has a Parent Advisory Group (PAG), its members being parents/guardians of currently enrolled children or those with a recent association with a Service of MEYM. Nominations and election of members usually occurs each year at the kindergarten’s Annual General Meeting. This voluntary group meets monthly and is primarily responsible for organising fundraising opportunities, organising social events for the families of the Services, and can be represented on the MEYM Kindergarten Representative Group (KRG).

Each PAG nominates at least one member to be part of MEYM’s KRG, which, together with a member of the MEYM Board of Management, meets every few months. This group provides a conduit between families and the MEYM Board and is an opportunity for you to learn more about the kindergarten educational program and be involved in wider management decisions for your service.

The PAG can also provide assistance in the educational program and actively engage with MEYM to enhance their children’s experiences and connections with Moreland community. Being part of the Oak Park’ PAG also affords you the chance to be involved in the wider community and to meet new people within your local area.

Incorporated status

Despite being managed by MEYM, Oak Park Kindergarten has maintained its own status as an Incorporated Association.  As an Incorporated Association there are a number of responsibilities that will reside with the PAG, as with any Incorporated Association, which include, but are not limited to:

  • A minimum of 5 members, electing group members in office bearing roles of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, ordinary members
  • Managing the fundraising monies of the Service
  • Maintaining a bank account with a financial institution (2 members to sign) where all fundraising monies are deposited
  • Maintaining financial records that correctly record and explain all fundraising transactions undertaken
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements and where required review/audit of the financial statements
  • Lodgement of annual financial statements with Victorian Consumer Affairs
  • Organisation and holding of Annual General Meetings.


Families can also engage in small maintenance jobs such as working bees, which helps the Kinder run smoothly and keeps the costs down.

Working Bees may be arranged by the PAG, in consultation with MEYM, to maintain gardens, renew and spread tan bark, repair equipment, etc. The kindergarten staff and MEYM appreciate the assistance and support of families to maintain the environment and instigate new outdoor projects.


The Committee meets monthly and on an as needs basis. The next Committee meeting is       19t October 2020.

Fundraising events

The kinder is a not for profit body, and even though we receive government funding and revenue from fees, these cover operational expenses only, and the monies raised from fundraising events throughout the year are required to upgrade facilities and purchase new equipment.

The PAG organises many different fundraising events, including pie drives, Easter raffles, Bunnings Sausage Sizzles, Movie Days and Ladies Nights.

After several successful years of fundraising, the Committee was able to fund a major equipment upgrade project, recently replacing the shade structure over the kinder sandpit. The old wooden structure was in need of replacement, particularly after further storm damage in 2017. It was replaced with a new modern, colourful cantilever shade cover design: shade sails providing maximum sun protection, secure steel posts, protected by post pads, and an easy to use sand pit cover. This new structure has made a great difference both visually and physically, namely in the way that staff and students use this space.

In 2020, we have with help, designed a new playground to be installed. But with Covid-19, this construction has been postponed until a time it is safe for all members of the Kinder Community for this work to take place.

Further details of these events and other fundraising activities will also be available in the News section.

Sponsorships and Grants

2020 gave us the opportunity to update our Kinder Lap Tops with grants from ‘The School Readiness Funding’ to assist in On-Line Learning and through MEYM, we received a Government IT Grant to replace an old Lap Top in the Office.

The old Lap Top from the office will now be used in the Kinder Playroom as a tool to assist in children’s computer literacy. They will use this side-by-side with a teacher to facilitate creativity and academic learning.

Previous Committees have been successful in receiving grants to upgrade computers and technology, and to help complete a new outdoor stage and entertainment area.

If you are a local business or would like to assist with or sponsor a kinder event or project, please contact us.